Scriptless Test Automation

Test Odyssey users do not write even a single line of code to automate tests

Cloud Based Testing

Absolutely No hassles of setting up testing environment. We do it for you!

Smart Reporting

Easily identify defects using Test Odyssey's reporting mechanism

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Test Automation with 'Test Odyssey' is Unique

  • software testing automation dashboard
  • Adding New test case demo page
  • Defect Storage feature of Test Odyssey
  • importing manual Test into test Odyssey

Test Automation with 'Test Odyssey' is Unique

Easily Identify Defects

Test Odyssey helps testers identify defects quickly with its detailed test execution reports

1-Click UI Property Change

Apply UI property changes across test cases using test odyssey’s object repository

Defect Storage

Store defects, export them to be used in JIRA, bugzilla and Mantis!

Import Manual Tests

Import your existing manual tests. You don’t have to re-write them.

Benefits Of Test Odyssey

Keyword + Data Driven

Test Odyssey facilitates scriptless test automation thereby reducing time and cost of testing

25% - 40% Cost Reduction

Nearly 25%-40% reduction in costs as compared to other automation testing tools

Dashboards & Reports

Using our extensive dashboards and reports , senior management can get an overview of all test automation projects.

Short Learning Curve

Test Odyssey can easily be mastered by software testers & automate testing projects in just a few clicks

  • Tool Features Comparision

  • Script Less Automation
  • Learning curve to be productive
  • Record & Playback
  • Object Identification
  • Object Repository
  • Data Driven Testing
  • Keyword Driven Testing
  • Database Support
  • Environment
  • Execution
  • Results Reporting
  • Defect Management Integration
  • OS Platform Support
  • Scheduled execution
  • Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Compatibility Testing
  • Continuous Integration
  • Parallel Execution
  • Support
  • Tool Features

  • Test Odyssey

  • Script Less Automation
  • 2 days - 1 weekLearning curve to be productive
  • Using Test Odyssey , playback is possible using replay client on IE, chrome and firefox.Record & Playback
  • Test Odyssey Tracker can be used for Object identificationObject Identification
  • Built in Re-usable Object Repository across Test ProjectObject Repository
  • Built In Test Data TablesData Driven Testing
  • Built In KeywordsKeyword Driven Testing
  • AvailableDatabase Support
  • No need to set up extensive environmentsEnvironment
  • Batch execution on Cloud or desktop based replay optionExecution
  • Advanced Reports with Screenshots. Environment details and minute details like time to complete a batch of test cases is captured. Reports can be mailed to concerned stakeholders.Results Reporting
  • Defects can be exported to JIRA, Mantis, QC, and BugzillaDefect Management Integration
  • Windows and LinuxOS Platform Support
  • Yes, intuitive and advanced UI to configure ExecutionsScheduled execution
  • Possible to execute test cases across different platforms and browsers.Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Compatibility Testing
  • Possible using Jenkins.Continuous Integration
  • Possible with simple selection of environmentsParallel Execution
  • Available with purchase of subscriptionSupport
  • Signup for Free Trail
  • Tool Features

  • Others

  • Script Less Automation
  • 1 monthLearning curve to be productive
  • AvailableRecord & Playback
  • AvailableObject Identification
  • AvailableObject Repository
  • Requires Extensive CodingData Driven Testing
  • Requires Extensive CodingKeyword Driven Testing
  • Requires Extensive CodingDatabase Support
  • Environment set up requiredEnvironment
  • Standalone systems onlyExecution
  • AvailableResults Reporting
  • AvailableDefect Management Integration
  • Platform IndependentOS Platform Support
  • AvailableScheduled execution
  • AvailableFunctional Testing, Regression Testing, Compatibility Testing
  • Possible using Jenkins, HudsonContinuous Integration
  • Requires Extensive CodingParallel Execution
  • Available at extra costSupport

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From Our Experts
Automation Testing Tool - Why We Built Test Odyssey by EkaTechServ

Little story of Test Odyssey & Test Automation

Why We Built Test Odyssey

During the days of our market research, we came across companies where –

a) People are keen to do test automation, have little or no budget, cannot afford expensive licensed tools and often compromise on the test quality.

b) Company has budget, has tool but testers often face difficulties in fully utilizing the tool to effectively implement test automation

c) Company has budget, has tool, but testing is often not carried out extensively due to heavy investment of time and cost in setting up the infrastructure.

Hence, EkaTechServ has come up with test odyssey as an answer to all of the above mentioned scenarios.


  • Test Odyssey Pricing

  • Number of Projects
  • Storage
  • Number of Users
  • Security Enabled
  • 24 hours support
  • Import Manual Test Cases
  • Design Automation Tests
  • Execute Tests Sequentially
  • Execute Parallel Tests
  • Schedule Tests
  • Execution Reports
  • Projects Dashboard
  • Export Defects

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