Compare Automation Testing Tools vs Test Odyssey

Test Odyssey is a tool for automating functionality of web based applications. It leverages on the capabilities of the popular web based tool – Selenium. Test Odyssey is unique in terms of enabling its users to design Automation tests without writing a single line of code! This feature helps in improving test automation productivity by nearly 30%. The tool is hosted on Amazon cloud and complete test execution happens on cloud bringing up the required test infrastructure on demand!

Test Odyssey


Other commercial tools

Scriptless Automation




Learning curve to be
productive on the tool

2 days - 1 week

1-2 months

1-2 months

Record & Playback

Using Test Odyssey replay client playback is possible on IE, FF, Chrome

Selenium IDE needs to be used

Available in most tools

Object Identification

Built in Test Odyssey Tracker can be used for Object identification

Can be done but with the help of third party tools

Available in most tools

Object Repository

Built in Re-usable Object Repository across Test Project

Not available

Available in most tools

Data Driven Testing

Built In Test Data Tables

Requires Extensive Coding

Requires Extensive Coding

Keyword Driven Testing

Extensive set of built In Keywords. User needs to select appropriate keyword for his tests

Requires Extensive Coding

Requires Extensive Coding

Database Support

Support for MSSQL, SQL Server databases. Database related tests can be performed using the available keywords

Requires Extensive Coding

Requires Extensive Coding

Test Environment

Works on cloud. Hence no need to set up test environment

Browser based - works only in Mozilla. Extensive customizations and third party tools required to run tests on other browsers

Most tools are desktop based and require a test infrastructure to be set up

Results Reporting

Advanced Reports with Screenshots. Environment details and minute details like time to complete a batch of test cases is captured. Reports can be mailed to concerned stakeholders.

Basic Reporting

They come with their own set of reporting formats

Defect Management Integration

Defects can be exported to formats accepted by JIRA, Mantis, QC, and Bugzilla

Not Available

Most tools come with necessary plugins

Test execution

Intuitive and advanced UI to configure Executions integrated with cloud set up. Executions can be scheduled, done in sequential or parallel modes

Test execution is typically done with the help of external frameworks

Mostly done on standalone systems.


Economical, Saas model – subscription based. No limit on the number of users.

Open source

Mostly seat based licenses which are quite expensive

Continuous delivery/testing

Plugin available using which automated tests can be triggered from Jenkins

Extensive configuration/set up required to enable continuous delivery

Most tools come with necessary plugins

Support and training

Comes packaged with subscription purchased

Training through resources available on internet

Comes at an extra cost

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