Like most other automation platforms, Test Automation too should constantly be evolving and adding features to help you get the most out of your investment resulting in increased ROI.

As Test Odyssey turns 1 year old, CEO & Founder, EKA Techserv, Dr. Prakash Mutalik speaks about innovation, managing for the long term, and how he aims to uphold the company’s rich legacy.

How have the approaches to testing changed?

It has travelled from the black box view of “nice to have” characteristics in the 60’s to the grey-box “Should Have” perceptions of the 80’s to the present day white box testing catering to customer demands of “Must Have” features!

How much serious damage do you think a software bug could cause, if left undetected & unfixed? Annoyance?Irritation?Think Again. Take a look at the partial listing of cases reported worldwide primarily caused by presence of bugs in software applications:

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