Scriptless Test Automation

  • Does not require users to write even a single line of code
  • Hybrid framework based on open source framework – Selenium
  • Users just need to traverse through the scenario that needs to be automated and capture object properties
  • Test odyssey provides suggestions to users on the type of locators that need to be used for identifying web objects
  • Within a few clicks, your automation test case is ready
Scriptless Test Automation

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Execute Tests on Cloud

  • Configure test runs using the desired OS and browser versions
  • Monitor step by step execution of automation tests
  • Schedule your tests
  • Execute tests in parallel to save time while executing huge number of tests

Support for Continuous Delivery/testing

  • Test Odyssey execution plugin helps to trigger automation tests from Jenkins after build deployment

Built-in Recorder

  • Key feature in Test Odyssey that enables scriptless automation
  • Helps testers design automation tests with ease
  • Simplifies the process of identifying web elements by providing appropriate suggestions on locator types
  • Lists actions which can be associated to the test steps
  • Simplifies the process of capturing and associating test data to the tests

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Import Manual Tests

  • Import existing manual tests into Test Odyssey
  • Quickly convert them to automation tests

Object Repository

  • Powerful search mechanism enables testers implement object property changes quickly across tests

Smart Reporting

  • Provides step by step analysis of test case execution
  • Helps testers debug test case results with ease
  • Helps in identyfing defects easily

Export Defects

  • Mark defects and export them to formats accepted by bug tracking and Test management tools like JIRA, Bugzilla, Mantis and QC


  • Provides information on test coverage, percentage of automation and defects for a given project
  • Graphical representation of execution runs and automation progress help in analysing the status of automation projects
  • Helps in comparing the test execution runs

Benefits of Test Odyssey

  • Reduced cost of overall test automation by 80%
  • Improved product quality and ease of implementing test automation
  • Improved speed of automation – Test Odyssey enables rapid scripting using Selenium
  • On demand test automation service, pay-as-you-go model

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