Save 45% of Software Testing Cost

Save 45% of Software Testing Cost

So you have finally decided to move away from a manual testing environment to an automation testing tool set up? Great! You have already zeroed in on the automation tool you want? Terrific!

Does your automation tool of choice SAVE you at least 45% of the overall budget allocated under Testing Cost? No?!

Take a look at the money saver checklist below to decide if your automation tool is really helping you cut costs :

1) Save 15% with a Cloud based Automation Testing Tool

Solid data backs the growing trend of physical infrastructure becoming increasingly redundant as organizations leverage cloud for their testing requirements. The Indian cloud computing market alone is set to hit $3 billion by 2016!

With a cloud based automation testing tool you don’t need to

  • Buy & install client-server systems, networks and set up corresponding cooling frameworks.
  • Decide whether to host it internally or externally & accordingly secure these resources
  • Additionally set-up the infrastructure environment for the software to work effectively.
  • Repeat this process over & over again across different locations ( as required)

With a cloud automation tool you CAN –

  • Access the tool from ANY location, and any device
  • Save all updates on the tool itself enabling further collaboration amongst team members.
  • Continue to deliver even if individual systems fail, as the tool can immediately be accessed from an alternative unit!

2) Go for Scriptless Automation and Save a whopping 10% !

According to estimates, organizations are setting aside over 40% their IT budget cost towards QA & Software testing domains.

If your present tool requires extensive programming, just in order for it to be used effectively, you end up spending a substantial portion of your budget in :

  • Hiring, training AND retaining an expensive pool of programmers
  • Paying out penalties caused by the exit of any of the programmers, the situation getting further aggravated until a suitable replacement is identified, on boarded, trained & is ready to deliver.

How about a cloud test automation tool that :

  • Does not require you to write a SINGLE line of code, hence making this dependency on programmers redundant!
  • Helps you deliver the project on time as it enables a tester to enter keywords in simple English, the framework in turn interfaces with the tool & processes the rest!

3) Save another 5% with Ease of Use, Setup & Accessibility

Statistics reveal that about 30% of all test automation tools fall into disuse within a short span of procurement ; some leading causes being-

  • Having to upload the automation tool on individual user systems & to ensure minimal downtimes.
  • The need to add/ delete users, procure fresh licenses for new users & keep upgrading each system.
  • Train the testing team extensively on HOW to use the tool
  • Complexity of the tool per se

Then how about a cloud automation tool that let’s your team members to-

  • Login & start working from the word GO with it’s simple, easy to use interface!
  • Use the tool effectively with minimal training
  • Not worry about system upgrades/ tool downtimes as it can be accessed 24*7*365!

4) Jump Start your journey into Automation Testing by Saving Time with Seamless Integration of Manual Test Cases and as a bonus save additional 5% of your overall testing costs.

With the global software testing services market set to hit USD$ 70.98 billion by 2018 as per estimates, the question is no longer on whether you can deliver but rather on how FAST can you deliver? Because if you can’t, your competitor surely will!

You are losing this race, if your tool of choice can cause :

  • Disconnect within the testing team, with different testers working on separate test cases & gaps in reporting to the QA team.
  • Project delays as you end up running repetitive tests as the aggregate test data is unavailable in a central location.

Go for a cloud test automation tool that allows you to –

  • Store ALL the test cases WITHIN the tool itself!
  • Your QA team can then decide which tests require automation & which do not,
  • Deliver a finely tuned end product, as your testing team can share test results & brainstorm further since the entire test data is easily available for process & review!

5) And finally, the License Cost can SAVE 10%

Additionally does your automation test tool seek incremental investment each time by:

  • Asking you to pay up extra amount for each new user you add?
  • Insist you pay a fixed lump sum of money irrespective of your reduced usage patterns during business downtimes?

Then how about a cloud based test automation tool that lets you –

  • Pay as you Grow, allowing you to scale up/ down your usage as per your project load
  • Allows you UNLIMITED user access
  • The cost of subscribing to the tool is equivalent to only about what you would pay out as 1 month’s salary to a manual tester?

What has been your experience with your present automation tool?

We welcome your suggestions & comments.

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