5 Useful Test Automation Tool Features

5 Useful Test Automation Tool Features

Like most other automation platforms, Test Automation too should constantly be evolving and adding features to help you get the most out of your investment resulting in increased ROI.

Consider using these features to your advantage by giving your TEST AUTOMATION a professional makeover. Features that will help position you as an expert among your competitors and win more projects for your company.

1) Cloud based automation tool

There are several benefits, you could consider prevalent in a cloud automation tool vis-a-vis the traditional automation testing tools

  • Total cost of ownership gets significantly reduced by doing away with per user expensive licensing costs and using minimal hardware. This translates to NOT having to invest in expensive hardware & license cost each time you add a user.
  • The Pay-As-You-Use feature allows you to scale up/ down its usage as per your project load and NOT pay out considerable sums of money for licenses you may or may not use when testing requirements are not large in volume.
  • Cloud based automation tools allow for virtualisation & sharing of resources across the length & breadth of the organisation thereby again reducing capital expenditure.
  • Cloud based automation tools also allows testers spread across multiple geographies to test, collaborate & share reports without the physical constraints of uploading or downloading files from individual locations.

2) Ease of Use, Setup & Accessibility

As widely accepted, while automation tools on the whole increase productivity, cloud based automation tools add additional capacity with their ease of use, set up & tool deployment as summarized below:

  • With traditional tools, you would need to ensure the tool is set up on each system & is working effectively. System failures could result in downtimes which could again hit your project delivery timelines. This whole scenario is irrelevant in a cloud automation tool set up, as it allows 24*7 *365 access!
  • With a traditional tool, you would also need to invest your time in addition/ deletion of users, adding licenses each time a user is added and ensuring upgrade patches are simultaneously loaded across different systems in the world. As this does not apply to a cloud automation test tool, your only focus is on TESTING which in turn expedites your project delivery, enhances customer satisfaction & increase your customer base!
  • Imagine a tester providing only a set of inputs through an attractive UI to have his automation test cases ready!

3) Seamless Integration of Manual Test Cases

Does the proposed tool integrate well with the existing set up?

This is an important question to answer as companies currently in a manual testing environment seeking to migrate to an automated tool set up need to be sure that their existing manual test cases can be seamlessly uploaded into the new tool.

  • Integration of manual test cases into the automation tools allows the QA team to quickly assess which of the current tests need to be automated and which do not.
  • Integration of manual test cases into the automation tool allows the QA team to quickly assess which of the current tests need to be automated and which not.
  • Surprisingly such a critical feature is missing from several top automation tools currently available in the market. However, for a company planning a shift into an automated environment they should ensure this feature is available

4) Scriptless Automation

Traditional tools require complex coding/ programming where an expert who would need to write scripts to design automation tests. However, benefits of scriptless automation tool are as seen below:

  • With a scriptless framework, a tester can enter important key words in simple English, the framework interfaces with the automation tool by translating this data into a language it understands.
  • Scriptless approach is again a major time & money saver as it takes away the need for complex coding and having additional manpower on the team to execute it.
  • With this framework, a minimal number of manual & automation testers can safely execute major automation projects.

5) And finally, the Cost!

Are you into manual testing ? Then what is your answer to the following pain areas associated with it?

  • Human errors that are inextricably a part of manual tests
  • It’s time consuming
  • Drain of company resources due to a continuous investment in expensive hiring, payout, retention & attrition of manual testers.
  • Reinventing the wheel : doing the same tests over & over again as manual testing does not allow frequent repetition

If your answer to all of the above is yes, then you have already reached a point where you would would need to evaluate various test automation tools available in the market. However, it does not necessarily follow that you would need to shell out huge sums of money to automate your tests:

  • How about a test automation tool that gives you the benefit of an year’s worth of CLOUD automation at the cost of 1 month’s salary of a manual tester?
  • How about a cloud test automation tool that allows you to run unlimited projects and have unlimited users logging in from different parts of the globe?
  • And finally why not go for this cloud test automation tool that gives you every benefit from integration of manual test cases into the test automation tool, scriptless automation, ease of use and does away with each pain area you have associated with testing till date?

How are you using Test Automation in your organisation or as an individual and what new features do you find most useful?

Do let us know by writing your views in the comments below

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