Test Automation types you can easily do without scripting in Test Odyssey

Easy Scriptless Test Automation types in Test Odyssey

According to estimates, the share of IT budget allocation to QA & Software Testing which was approximately 18% in 2012 is expected to jump to 29% by 2017!

So what are the factors driving increased spending around software testing? Amongst others, it’s the influence of the powerful social media which could broadcast any defects in the application or abnormal behaviour within a matter of minutes to a worldwide 7.3 billion audience!

This has resulted in a growing market for test automation tools as they provide:

  • Increased Testing speed : Test automation tools can run tests continuously & even when left unattended (including running  overnight tests)
  • Enhanced Test Coverage : In a manual testing set up, apart from the likelihood of human errors, it’s also impossible to test each workflow, field or a negative scenario due to time & cost constraints.
  • Extended Test scope: Other major wins of automation testing are that it can automate repetitive but necessary tasks and can be used in situations where manual testing becomes difficult such as in Load Testing, Performance benchmarking, Memory leaks, High precision Tests etc.

In summary, Test Automation functions primarily with the objective of reducing the test cases to be run manually, by using a tool or software to control the execution of tests and comparing the actual outcome with a predicted outcome.

The below chart clearly depicts the ROI of manual vs automation testing over a period of time.

Figure 1.7 AST ROI example (cumulated costs over time)

Courtesy:  “Implementing Automated Software Testing,” by Elfriede Dustin, Thom Garrett, Bernie Gauf, Copyright Addison Wesley, 2009

Automate Functional & Regression Tests in 10 simple STEPS with Test Odyssey!

What are Functional Tests?

  • Primary tests run to verify that a software application performs according to design specifications.
  • Help you evaluate if the business requirements have been translated accurately into software functions.
  • How do you do it? By providing related input and studying the output to determine if it conforms, relates or varies in relation to the base requirements.
  • Examples?  Functional Testing in project management software could include, login & logout for the software, creation/ deletion of users, tasks etc.

What are Regression tests?

Briefly, Regression testing is a type of testing that ensures that an older piece of software continues to work with the newer changes introduced to it, since:

  • Before releasing any newer versions of the application, you would need to ensure to original product continues to work as it should
  • In today’s agile world, you would need to work on multiple releases of the product to accommodate functionality across various devices, it’s therefore imperative to maintain an automated set of tests ready for regression testing.
  • If you tried running regression tests in a manual testing scenario , you would soon find it to be a process which is laborious, time consuming and subject to human error. On the other hand, functional test automation with its faster test coverage & execution ensures your application hits the market that much quicker!

Test Odyssey’s simple 10 Step Functional & Regression Test Automation process!

  • Step 1: Import all existing manual test cases of the application using the import feature
  • Step 2: Select test cases that can be automated and set the execution flag status of those tests to “yes”
  • Step 3: Add the TestOdyssey tracker chrome plugin
  • Step 4: Identify objects and their properties for the selected test case
  • Step 5: Test steps are generated
  • Step 6 : Enter one set of data required for that case at run time
  • Step 7 : Edit/add/copy multiple sets of data required for that test using dataset review functionality
  • Step 8 : Configure execution run if a batch of test cases need to be run at a time by selecting the appropriate OS+browser OR use the replay feature to run tests independently
  • Step 9 : Verify results, identify failures and classify them as bugs
  • Step 10 : Bugs can then be exported to formats accepted by tools like JIRA, Bugzilla, MANTIS and QC


Automate your Compatibility Tests in 2 simple steps with Test Odyssey!

Compatibility testing is a type of non- functional testing carried out an application to ensure it is compatible and performs equally well across different  web browsers ( such as Google Chrome, IE etc), hardware platforms (64 bit/34 bit, different RAM etc) and Operating Systems ( Linux, Mac, Microsoft etc)

Test Odyssey’s simple 2 step Regression Testing Process!

  • Step 1: While executing the tests, user will have option of selecting the OS and browser on which the tests need to be run
  • Step 2: Upon selection of OS and browser, TO brings up the selected environment on demand using the amazon cloud and executes the tests on that environment

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What are the critical MUST HAVES  of Test Automation Tools?

There are about 300 test automation tools available in the market, thus it’s no wonder that over 30% of such tools fall into disuse post procurement due to various reasons such as tool complexity, downtimes, exorbitant licensing costs, need for expensive programmers to name a few.

How about a automation testing tool that addresses each of the above pain areas as it’s:

  • Hosted on CloudYou no longer need to invest in expensive hardware or setup related network, cooling infrastructure- all of which were an integral part of traditional test automation tools.

  • ZERO downtimes! If your tester’s hardware goes down you no longer need to panic! With a cloud test Automation tool your testing team can access it 24*7*365 from any device /any location in the world!

  • Scriptless Automation! You DON’T need to write a single line of code! You also needn’t fret over hiring/ retaining programmers to run Java scripts; again a major prerequisite of traditional test automation tools ! Here’s a cloud test automation tool that allows your testers to key in values in simple English, the tool in turn interfacing with the framework & doing the rest!

  • Manual Test Case Import! Traditional testing tools created disconnects as manual & automation testers worked on separate test cases.  Here’s a cloud test automation tool that allows greater collaboration by allowing you to import all your manual test cases into the tool itself to help your QA team to quickly decide which test cases need to be automated & which do not!

  • Unlimited user Access! You no longer need to pay out huge amounts as license fees irrespective of usage. Here’s a cloud test automation tool that allows you to have unlimited user access with a pay- as -you grow model adapted to scale your usage up/ down as per business volumes!

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