Is Your Test Automation tool 3R compliant?

Is Your Test Automation tool 3R compliant?

According to estimates, the revenue loss caused by failure of Automation Projects run using Test Automation tools was pegged at $ 3 billion for 2014!

In other words, if your test automation tool has performed below par , it could primarily be attributed to the fact that it has failed to respond positively to the following 3 critical questions:



  1. Rapid Response : How rapidly has the tool run quick tests & provided feedback
  2. Reliable Reporting : Has it not only highlighted failed Test Cases but also flagged off previously undetected bugs? How reliable are the Test Results ? Do they need further re-verification through manual testing?
  3. Relevant Test Coverage : Has the tool been versatile enough to test functionality beyond the realm of standard testing practices; has it also showcased the most critical and likely to fail features.

So what would be the Test Automation Tool prerequisites if it needs to successfully perform equally well on all of the above parameters? To Respond rapidly, the

  • Test automation tool will need to have:

Zero Downtime: Traditional test Automation tools were bogged down by network and system failures and tool downtimes.

Not anymore!

Here is a new generation Cloud Based Test Automation Tool that does away with this entire dependency on physical infrastructure by being accessible 24*7*365 across any location, any device!

Scriptless Automation: Your testing team needs to be deployed in testing; not in writing endless scripts across each iteration! Also, towards optimizing recruitment costs, you would need to reconsider reducing your dependency on expensive programmers in the long run.

Introducing a Cloud based Test Automation tool that comes inbuilt with the Scriptless automation feature where any member of your testing team can enter simple keywords in English, the tool in turn interfacing with the framework in turn and doing the rest!

  • In order to be provide reliable test results, the tool will need to run:

Testing across various browser & OS combinations: If you tried to implement this feature with a traditional test automation tool, you would have been needed to set up physical infrastructure with various OS & browser combinations to test each feature, across each combination!

This in turn would have translated into high costs, extended project timelines & multiple possibilities of errors due to system failures, network issues or plain oversight.

Here is a Cloud based Test Automation Tool where you can pull up different OS & Browser combinations on cloud, test each feature and generate test reports for further review quickly!

Import of Manual Test Cases: As an accepted industry standard, automation tests are meant to only compliment manual tests; they can never serve as a replacement to manual testing in its entirety.

In a traditional test automation tool scenario, it was automatically implied that a disconnect existed between manual & automation testers due to lack of information sharing and one team member being unaware of which aspect the other was testing!

How about a Cloud Based Test Automation Tool that has a manual test case import feature which allows you to import & store manual test cases within the tool itself thereby ensuring that the entire team comprising of manual & automation testers can view the test results& collaborate for further process & review!

Unlimited User Access: A traditional Test Automation Tool was accessible to only certain “Tool Specialists” due to prohibitive license costs and the endless hassle of adding /deleting users.

This also meant that due to lack of tool access, collaboration of the entire test team towards delivering a bug- free product was obviously ruled out.

Introducing a new generation Cloud Based Test Automation Tool that allows unlimited user access, at a fractional cost of what you approximately pay out as a month’s salary to one of your manual testers!

  • Towards providing comprehensive Test Coverage, the test automation tool would need to run:

Multiple Categories of  Tests: Several traditional Test Automation tools were handicapped by the fact that they were able to run certain specific tests such as Functional, Regression or Compatibility tests.

Hence you would have again ended up making significant investment in procuring different tools to support each category of testing.

Here is a cloud based Test Automation Tool that allows you to run your Functional & Regression Test cases in a simple 10 step process within one single tool itself! What’s more it also allows you to automate your Compatibility tests in a simple 2 process!

What are the criteria you have been using till date towards evaluation Test Automation Tools? Also has the tool delivered on those benchmarks ? Leave your feedback and comments here.

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