How to Power your Test Automation in 5 simple steps!

How to Power Test Automation in 5 simple steps!

As of January 2016, the total global population stands at 7.3 billion of which 3.4 billion are internet users amongst whom 2.3 billion are active social media users!

How does this data relate to your organisation?

  • It’s easy for a global population to compare & review all software products; including yours.
  • Your challenge now is to provide the best possible software quality while minimising your development & testing costs at the same time.
  • Therefore, towards achieving this optimisation, you would need to move your test environment from a manual scenario to an automated one.
  • The Internet of Things (IOT) implies that everything needs to be able to connect with the internet to interact & exchange data as well. For you, it means your software needs to run equally well across multiple browser & OS combinations. Instead of setting up multiple physical systems, you need a speedier, cost effective solution which can be provided only by a test automation tool.

So how can a simple 5 step process help you set up Test Automation practice in your organisation?

Step 1: Evaluate your current Manual Test Practice!

You should consider moving your test practice from manual to automated if:

  • If you are running tests that are repetitive
  • Your tests are becoming prone to human errors
  • The test results are slow in coming since they are being executed manually thereby delaying your project delivery time lines further
  • If you want to free up manual testers to do exploratory testing & provide rapid feedback on features that are not easily automated
  • You want to stop looking for bugs (as is the case with manual testing) and instead want to prevent bugs from occurring in the first place. As universally accepted, the goal of automation isn’t to find new defects, it’s to verify expected behaviour and stop regressions.

Step 2: Showcase this cloud based test management tool to your management!

Post evaluation of your current set up, you are now ready to automate your test practice and need to communicate its consequent benefits to your management:

  • Get more testing done in the same time without setting up expensive physical infrastructure!
  • Stop writing scripts & Start executing test cases from day 1 with its Scriptless Automation feature!
  • Import Manual Test Cases; get your manual & automation teams to work in tandem
  • Stop worrying about Expensive license costs : unlimited users can access this tool , you can also use it’s pay-as-you-grow feature to scale your usage up /down as per your business volumes
  • Leverage its Functional test automation feature to save on your user interface testing cost, considered to be the most cost intensive part of testing.
  • Save on your budget as well since the Tool is priced approximately what you would pay as a month’s salary to one of your manual testers!

Step 3: Select the applications on which you can run the below tests with this cloud based test automation tool!

In this phase, you need to earmark applications which you intend to run on this cloud based test management tool.

  • Regression Testing: The application under test needs to have some or all modules that are stable and they need to be further tested for regression issues. In other words, if the application is bug free in one build, it needs to remain bug free in the next build as well.
  • Functional Testing: Use the tool’s simple 10 step process and verify that the application is performing as per design specifications.
  • Compatibility Testing: Run the application across various OS/ Browser combinations to ensure the application performs equally well across all platforms.

Step 4: Get Started!

You have the tool in place; great! You can now hit the ground running with this cloud based test automation tool!

  • With this cloud based test automation tool, your test team does not need ANY training as its ease of use ensures they start executing test cases from day 1.
  • You don’t need to depend on expensive Test Automation Framework experts, or programmers to write scripts. With this cloud based test automation tool, your test team can enter simple keywords in English; the tool in turn interfaces with the framework and does the rest.
  • Save time by running overnight tests!
  • Scale up your test practice, as you don’t worry about tool downtimes; this test automation tool is cloud based and is available 24*7*365!
  • Deliver a bug free quality product faster as you can run Tests on multiple projects at the same time!
  • Generate exhaustive reports to identify the Tests run, the ones that failed & those that passed.

Step 5: Plan Ahead!

The application under test should be robust enough to perform equally well across various platforms and browsers. With a cloud based automation tool, this objective can easily be met.

What has been your experience with test Automation tools, share your comments & feedback here.

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